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What Sets Us Apart

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Dr. Mark Gregston and our team welcome you to Gregston Orthodontics. Here, we provide compassionate, professional orthodontic treatments that lead to excellent oral health and beautiful smiles, in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Each patient and his or her parents are family to us, and we treat everyone accordingly: offering gentle and effective care, and developing a partnership with patients toward the common goal of a new and healthy smile. We do all we can to ensure a patient’s comfort during the time he or she visits us, check in with patients constantly to make sure they are not in discomfort, and see that their needs are acknowledged and addressed.

From your first visit for a complimentary consultation, you will find us working to open and foster lines of communication. We want you to know you can ask us questions and come to us with any concerns you might have. It is essential for you to know we are here for you, whatever you require; whether it’s an added bit of reassurance that we’re making progress or you need us to clarify what’s happening and what the next steps will be.

One of the key ways that Gregston Orthodontics is different from many other practices in the area is that Dr. Gregston sees and examines every patient during every visit. He knows that by doing so, he ensures that everything proceeds according to plan, and it allows him to touch base with the patient. Dr. Gregston has a great rapport with the people we treat, and while he’s checking on their teeth, he’s often telling jokes and laughing with them. In fact, you will hear a lot of laughter in our office, from our patients and our team. We’re positive and upbeat, and always ready to listen to our patients’ adventures.

Another facet of the personalized orthodontic service we provide is that we have early-morning appointments, which allow students to be seen before they have to get to school, and our adult patients to come in before work. We also are a paperless practice, so we can see a patient at any of our offices.

If you would like more information about orthodontics, to learn about how we can help you develop a new and healthy smile, and to schedule a complimentary consultation for yourself or a loved one, please call one of our offices located in Castle Rock or Parker, CO.

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Our team looks forward to meeting you, and starting you on the path to a stunning smile for a lifetime of smiling with confidence!